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The Road of Hope

Freedom Through Hope

Wednesday, January 29th, 2014

I must teach every person the road of divine hope because mankind tends to trust only its own powers.

Hope begins with a faith that believes in a benevolent Father who cares for his children in every way, who sees his children in all their needs and who desperately wants to help them.

Hope opens the mind and allows the divine light to shine in the deepest and darkest recesses, where fears have taken hold. These fears have existed for years and the person clings tightly to them.

Hope leads the person to let go of their and to receive a freedom gained by Jesus. When they are free, they see other choices that are much better. They are able to walk a new road.

Hope always leads higher and to greater freedom, which the person never dreamed they could attain. Hope prepares for future choices and prevents downward spirals. When hope is strong, the person enjoys a protection, even against the greatest evils. This is my road of divine hope and I invite all to walk it with me.

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