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Listening to the Prophets

Thursday, September 22nd, 2011

The stars, the sun and the moon are all on course. It is only mankind who has lost its way. How far off course is the human race and how serious are the results? I cannot stop everything because man will always remain free, the ultimate chooser of his destiny, but I can offer light, and those who walk by my light will be safe. Let us begin.

No one knows all that will happen in the future. Much is hidden. However, to some whom I have chosen, I have revealed enough that, if people listen and heed the messages, I can prepare them and bless them. Why do I choose this method?

This is the method chosen by the heavenly Father. He sends the prophets with their messages. Blessed is that community which has prophets in their midst. Blessed especially is that community which listens to the prophets.

The prophet does not say everything. The prophet points out a road of blessings, a road of light. As the people walk that road they find the blessings and the helps which God had in store for them. The prophet does not provide the blessings. He only points them out. Many are disappointed with the prophet’s words. They want signs and wonders. The prophet is not God. He is only sent by God. He can only say what God wants him to say.

Many are disappointed. The prophet’s words are true but they do not act on his words. Other people find light. They act on his words and find the blessings that God provides. They know the words are true because they have found God’s help through the words.

Let me bring forth one prophetic word. If you act on this, you will find God’s blessings. “Do not trouble yourselves with future events, like ‘What is to happen this year? What will happen next year?’” Focus instead on the daily reception of the Eucharist. The daily Eucharist will give you the light that you need. You will see your whole word in a different way and you will be prepared for this year and for next year.

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