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A Help in Sorrows

Saturday, September 24th, 2011

I do not try to pierce the great mysteries because many would not understand. Instead, I speak of simple truths which all can grasp. In this way, people can take these easy steps and move into the Divine Will without even knowing where I am leading. Let us begin.

I speak today of sorrow. How many sorrows burden human hearts. If only they could throw off these sorrows or gain some relief from them, then they would thank God. So, this is where I will begin. I am the Mother of Sorrows, so I am well acquainted with sorrowful burdens and how to carry them.

I carried sorrows all of my life, beginning with the prophesy of Simeon that a sword would pierce my heart. Even after Jesus rose from the dead, I carried the sorrows of the Early Church as I saw his disciples martyred in his name. Violence was everywhere in my life even though I am the Queen of Peace.

I suffered disruptions. The trip to Bethlehem because of the census. The flight into Egypt because of King Herod’s anger. So, I am filled with sorrows and what words can I offer to you who are also afflicted? Listen carefully.

Some of your sorrows come from your own free will. You have chosen the wrong road. You have acted selfishly. You have turned your back on the good and have chosen the evil. Examine your present state. Go back to that fatal decision that set you on this path of sorrows. There is always the door of repentance, of going back to where you made your mistake and righting the wrong. Go back. I will help you.

Others sorrows are beyond your free will. They come from the circumstances of life – the death of a love one, the loss of a job, the breakup of a relationship, the many things that go wrong. To you I say look to me. I am the Star of the Sea. I see your little boat on the ocean of life. Call upon me. I will come to you in your sorrow. I will guide you through the waves until you come upon calmer waters. Do not despair. I am the mother of hope. That is why I speak to you.

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