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The Need for Just Systems

Monday, September 26th, 2011

The forces continue to grow like yeast placed in the dough. They are hidden but show their power in their effects. The evil is like a fungus that spreads everywhere. Who can stop its growth? Men use their human means. They believe that if they kill a few of the enemy, that they will limit the problems.

Yet, the death of one leads to others taking his place. The victory is not won by force. How many times mankind has gone down this road, a road of the multiplication of weapons and their distribution to others (seemingly friends) who later become enemies? Is this the only road? Is there not some other solution which man should try? Let us begin.

I will teach man a new road, the path to true peace. This path has not been hidden but man has shown no interest. Man claims, “I will bring about peace”. Then, what does he do? He takes up weapons of war, not realizing that he is contributing, not to peace but to violence.

Man says, “What else are we to do? We must respond. We must confront the adversary.” Yes, at times, the innocent must be protected and kept safe. However, you have neglected the more important aspects of peace. Peace is the fruit of justice and justice has for such a long time been ignored.

Go back. Build just systems. Begin now. Do not say, “It is too late. We should have done this years ago”. Certainly that is true but if you begin, if you change your priorities, if you begin to shift, I will be with you.

You will claim the hearts only of those people whom you have treated fairly. Do not think that the secret pacts are secret to me. I see the just man. I see the uprightness of his heart and his attempts to be fair to all. I bless the just man. I bless his labors. This is what is needed. The just person sitting at the bargaining tables. The just person setting the nation’s priorities. The just person trying to bring peace. This is my promise. I will bless just men and women. Go forth now in justice.

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