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The Door to Nuclear Weapons

Friday, May 11th, 2012

Some doors should be opened and other doors must remain closed. Some believe that mankind should explore everything, but God forbids many things. He wants those doors to be closed forever.

This is strange. If everything that God has made is good, then why should he demand that the door be closed? Yet, he did this from the beginning. He created the tree in the middle of the garden but told the first couple not to eat of it. It was a closed door but they, foolishly, opened it.

Today, I speak of an important door that should never have been opened, the door to atomic weapons. What a terrible door! All agree. The human race would be far better off if atomic weapons had never been born.

After this door has been foolishly opened, mankind searches for how to close that door and destroy the nuclear arsenals. Now, the door opens wider and wider. Nuclear arms proliferate and soon they will fall into very irresponsible hands. Yet, man does not listen. They keep saying, “We do not need God.”

O man, you do not need God? Then look at your planet filled with nuclear arms. Can you close this door by yourselves? Can you wipe nuclear arms off the face of the earth? Can you who opened the door against God’s will, now close the door by yourself? You refuse to accept restrictions. You say, “If we can open the door, we will open it. We will not let God tell us to keep the door closed”. You have opened human life to so many wrong doors. You act like the first couple who foolishly opened a door that God had forbidden. When will you learn?

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