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Mary, Help Me

Saturday, May 5th, 2012

So many of my children are destroyed because they do not know all the places where they can be attacked nor do they understand all the helps that come from heaven. This is my teaching.

Each person is very vulnerable in many ways. They need an environment which provides for their physical needs. They need emotional help from others. They need to be taught values and morals. They need a culture which supports those values. All of these can be attacked and even destroyed. Then, the person becomes vulnerable to the Evil One.

They also are vulnerable to their own thoughts and feelings which lead astray. They are vulnerable to false friendships that lead into darkness. They are vulnerable to past memories and guilt that lies buried in their memories. They are vulnerable to passing attractions, to addictions, to suggestions and to allurements that abound everywhere.

O reader, how vulnerable you are! You think that you stand strong, but neither the legs you stand on nor the ground you stand upon is strong.

So, I must speak of heavenly helps. Yes, heaven wants to help you. That is my constant message. The help begins as soon as you realize that you need help and call out to me. An accident victim says to the rescuer, “Help me”. Then, they point out their need. The rescuer acts and also tells the victim what they must do to cooperate.

It is as easy as that. Say, “Mary help me”. Then, describe in a few words what is your dilemma. After that, be still. First, you will feel my love and the power of my presence. Then, you will hear my words, telling you what little steps you can take, to be lifted out of the problem.

Use this method every day. I love to hear you say, “Mary, help me”.

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