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The Two Fires

Friday, May 4th, 2012

There are two fires, the fire of God’s love and the fire of hell. The fire of God’s love has brought forth all of creation. The fire of hell is a sworn enemy of God’s love and uses its power to destroy all that God’s love has brought about. O reader, this battle is taking place every moment, right now in your own life. Yes, two fires are burning. One creates you and the other destroys you. One blesses you and the other curses you.

Your life is a battlefield, with two opposing fires, sworn enemies of each other, contending for you. You are an eternal prize and will spend forever and ever in one hand or the other. Which fire do you choose? Here again, a problem arises. The enemy has friends within the walls of your castle, and sometimes you have fed them by your sinful choices and selfish desires.

So, this is the state of your soul. The demonic fire wants to destroy you and your desires feed that fire. O reader, if you could only see your perilous state. You are not safe. You can never, never claim final victory until you are with me in heaven. No place on earth offers you asylum from the fire. I paint this picture in stark reality. I do not tone it down. I use vivid colors because I want you to face this truth.

Your soul is at stake. You are the object of the devil’s deepest desires. He wants you as his trophy to display to all in hell. He especially seeks those who are deeply rooted in religious upbringing. He covets souls who have been faithful to God for years and have even brought many others to God. These are his special prizes. I am not talking here to hardened sinners, although they can benefit from my words. I am talking to the devout person, even to those who have consecrated their lives in service to the Church and have even accomplished much. Satan has his eyes on you as a splendid victory, giving him great joy.

I do not end my message on that note. Rather, I speak of God’s fire. Reader, you cannot save yourself. The demonic forces coming against you are too strong and too intelligent. You must fight fire with fire and accept God’s fire as the gift of my heart.

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